What do your elderly loved ones want?

Many of us in our 50’s and 60’s have parents who are now in their 80’s and 90’s. If fortunate, many are able to live independently. And of course many of us still work, have grandchildren and adult children (who evidently move in and out of their own set of issues). Catch yourself smiling at this?

So what’s going on with us? What’s the weekend like and how do we do make sure that our parents are thriving and active? For that matter, how are we? – Well, we are certainly active. And here’s what we should know about aging and especially the brain. The brain is amazingly resilient!

According to the recent studies, a brain that gets smaller and lighter with age (15% by age 80 – good grief.) The one place in the body that you might not want to be smaller and lighter, happens without much effort. But, this slim-downed brain can still function as effectively as a younger brain. That’s exciting – almost like a sense of the fountain of youth. But people have to want to drink the water. That means engagement. The brain has to create new connections between existing neurons.


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