What does this mean for aging parents?

What does this mean for aging parents? We know that it’s important to make time to see them. Perhaps we race in and sit down with them, inquire about what they’ve been doing, tidy up a bit, take them to eat, and make sure they are happy. What if we instead just decide to go to work a few hours later and go make breakfast or take a wonderful smelling breakfast of cinnamon rolls still warm, the irresistible crispy Applewood bacon, and mixed fruit and sit down one-on-one and talk. One of our favorite things to ask: Mom. “What is your earliest memory?” This small question is seldom asked of our loved ones but almost always interesting. “Describe your very first teacher you remember.” Or go for something totally new: What was Russia like in their school years and now?

You know many times, our parents do not want to take up our time. They do not want to be a “bother”. They see our busy lives with work, grandchildren, and the regular tasks that push us to the limits. How do we create a way for our parents to keep mental acuity? First let’s talk about certain limitations.

  • Loss of ability to drive (For our generation, perhaps we really will have driverless cars)
  • Decreased number of friends
  • Physical slowdown
  • Decrease in motivation
  • Limited use of computer, if at all
  • Amount of time you can manage

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