More memories from a Man

Cherry notes attention and attachment/association are essential for memory. Some techniques ideas I use are information consolidation and repetition.

Attention is a major component of memory, and auditory input is not my best attribute. I might say that I am listening, but I am really not focused. Of course all of us have several things competing for our attention especially in conversations on the fly. Too often I just don’t focus. I’m now learning to consciously rein myself in and focus on what is being said.

Cherry notes attention and attachment/association are essential for remembering. There are three types of memory which help the brain function: mnemonics, information consolidation, and repetition. I use several things for remembering information from what is being said. I constantly use a calendar. These small reminders bring back most of the details of what I need to remember. I find that just repeating the important details in my mind immediately after hearing is very helpful. An idea I am trying to master is information consolidation.  This involves trying to attach what I am being told and must learn to something related that I already know. For instance, I remember the names of places I need to go by associating them with something of my past such as the name of something I already know like Sacramento with sacrament. I sometimes picture visually what people are saying to remember. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always make the difference for my ‘golf game’. Nevertheless, for other areas of listening and remembering, I’m doing better or at least trying!


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