Did you know???

The world is an exciting place and the discoveries and invention and creativity multiply now on a daily basis. Just this week, I caught up on New Horizons’ Pluto flyby. What about this whole endeavor should be interesting to senior adults? Well, we have a history of the discovery of Pluto as the ninth planet. We added it to our knowledge of the solar system. Most of us even learned a thing or two about the planet but alas not much. (I think many of us thought that it was named for the Disney character, but that’s not true.)

Pluto was always of interest to the scientists of the Pluto Underground! They were pushing for a Pluto mission way back in 1989. S think about how old you were in 1989 – 26 years ago. I’m thinking many seniors were relatively young then. NASA was concentrating on other areas so alas Pluto was put on the back burner—maybe because it is three billion miles away!

The journey to Pluto became real in the mid-2000s. I want you to know that it launched in 2006. (You were still a little young.) The spacecraft was tossed into space with its size similar to a grand piano and carrying only seven instruments.

So now I have seen the pictures. Over 25 years in the thinking of certain people and now we view closely dwarf planet Pluto and its moons. I was most intrigued to know that one moon, Nix is 26 X 22 miles, and we can view it.

Aren’t you glad to be living in this time and seeing the newest? Keep your mind going and stay in touch with new ideas. You are an “active-ager”; I think some people think older adults are about as productive as a teenager in summer – Prove them wrong.


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