Who Are We?

We want to use our considerable years of experience in working in education and community service to enrich the lives of older adults in the greater Dallas area. We are not profit-driven but really wish to give back what we have gained. We hope to restore or build upon an older adult’s passion for life, personal joy in learning and thriving, and a reason to look forward to the next day.  When the conversationalist ends each time, we hope the person we touched feels revived and interested in whatever is new. In other words, we want to share a passion for learning and sharing. From brain research, we know that staying involved socially and intellectually with new ideas are crtical to happiness and well-being. Being “brainy” is not just about mental exercise, but engagement.

We are especially adept at thinking of solutions to issues, managing different personalities, and meeting expectations. We even want to have a little fun along the way; we are normal and well-adjusted yet still love learning and solving problems.

Let us Introduce ourselves.

We are Jimmy and Sandy Maddox. Like most people who enjoyed rich careers, we wanted to continue to be engaged and in a position to help others.  Frankly, one of us is not willing to sit around and “enjoy retirement” but must be always doing something.  Besides she likes to talk and bring out the talk in others.  The male partner is a little more willing to settle back and listen and just encourage others to talk.  We have friends working with us who have the same characteristics. Yes it’s usually the women who will not settle down but we need the men to help us too.  We discovered that many people like the opposite sex. Sometimes we work as a couple too.

We especially enjoy working with senior adults who have a strong desire to stay active and mentally engaged and agile. We have a great respect for older adults and believe that accumulated wisdom of aging people is to be celebrated. We are long-term Dallasites.


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